Do you repair printers?
Yes, we do but ...  
We and our customers have found on numerous occasions that the prices of printers, Laser or Inkjet, Colour or B&W, are now so low that replacement of the whole printer is an economic alternative to even basic maintenance.  For example, a new inkjet printer will often be cheaper than replacing the ink cartridges in an older one.  So, if a printer stops for any reason other than paper, get prices on a new printer and then start looking at maintenance or repair options if you think it's worthwhile.
Do you fix laptops?
Yes, we do but ...  
... only as an on-site service.  If necessary, we may take the laptop away to repair it but the initial diagnosis will be carried out on site.  
If you're looking for a drop-off laptop repair service we would suggest the likes of:  
Able Business Machines at 373 New North Road, Kingsland Ph. 377-9772  
How can we settle our account with you?
Green Light Services can receive the following forms of payment:  
   Cash - for your own security send by registered mail or by courier requesting proof of delivery.
   Cheque - from a New Zealand bank account.
   Direct Credit - our bank account details will be on our invoice.
   Credit Card - by prior arrangement.
   Other - if some other method of payment is more convenient for you let us consider it.  
I have a question that's not listed here.
Then please contact us and we'll answer it directly.